Special Educational Needs School – Derby

Overseeing the procurement and build of this major educational project creating an autism friendly environment for students with ASD

This project involved the construction of a complex of school teaching buildings, a large gym block and residential accommodation for under 18 year old live-in students on a former disused garden centre site.

The school is for young people who have Autism Spectrum Disorders and associated learning, communication, sensory and behavioral difficulties.

Acting as technical, financial and contract consultant and bank monitor to the funders Lloyds Bank, we oversaw the procurement and build of the complex.



CLIENT: Lloyds Bank plc

DATE: 2011

SERVICE: Consultant and Bank Monitor

The construction comprised an off site manufactured timber pannellised system incorporating glulam beams and structural support details from the same company who manufactured the Velodrome at the Olympic Park in Stratford, East London.