Our Services

Louis de Soissons are market leading in the fields of Architecture and Construction Project Management and provide a Building Surveying across both the commercial and residential real estate sectors. Each service skill can be provided separately or combined to meet the specific needs of the client and deliver the correct project solution. As a practice, we are constantly evolving to deliver quality and innovation throughout our client’s projects. Our unique combination of experience allied to modern professionalism has earned us the reputation of being an honest and trustworthy partner for whom no challenge is too great.

Creating pragmatic, buildable solutions with innovative vision


Architecture is more than design alone. It is a balanced blend of concept, technical knowledge and delivery that can only be... more

Construction Project Management

Our Construction Project Management Team work on behalf of the client whilst interacting and coordinating the design and... more

Building Surveying

We work on the complete property life cycle from inception through demolition and regeneration, we provide concise and... more