Building Reinstatement Valuations

Building Reinstatement Valuations are the calculation of the reinstatement costs of the premises for insurance purposes to cover insurable losses such as from fire, flood and structural failure. We provide such valuations for new acquisitions, regular revaluations, following substantial alteration (where reinstatement costs must be reassessed) for single assets or portfolios, upon which insurance premiums can be quantified and agreed with your insurers/ their brokers. We provide this service for landlords, funds and investors across commercial and residential sectors.

Our valuations are prepared in accordance with insurance and professional good practice standards covering the building fabric, external areas and associated outbuildings, demolition costs, fees amongst other pertinent matters. We use up to date subscription cost data, indices and relevant location cost factors, supported by our first-hand and extensive knowledge of sector specific tender price/ cost information.

We can arrange plant and machinery or other specialist cost assessments to supplement any specialist insurance risks.

Where required, an explanatory report encompassing commentary upon the lease terms, both repairing and insuring, and include explanatory notes to give clarity to the basis of calculation and to aid the client’s comprehension of the full range of insurances, which it might be desirable for them to have.

We can also work with your insurers to ensure that risk is correctly understood and weighted.