Church Street – London 

Proposed redevelopment seeking to breathe new life into the existing site

The proposed scheme includes upgrading the existing ground floor studio spaces and creating 7 delightful residential units. Height is added above the pitched roof of the existing single storey studio and an additional residential storey is added above the 2 storey flat roof section of the existing buildings.
We have worked closely around the existing buildings, which are full of character but are in need of repair & upgrade to secure the sites future. This has included repair work to the façades and replacing existing windows with high quality, thermally efficient new windows to match
existing designs.


LOCATION: Hackney, London

CLIENT: Private

SERVICE: Architecture

VALUE: tbc

FLOOR AREA: 14,000 sq ft

The contemporary additions remaining subservient to the original buildings, whilst a new single storey “storage wall” for cycle and refuse storage with an intensive green roof and hard and soft landscaping creating a delightful courtyard
amenity space for residents and commercial tenant to share.