Salway Place – Stratford, London E15 

Ground-breaking Stratford regeneration project

This eight storey block of flats was built on pilotis above the working service yard of a large commercial building.
Its 38 one and two bedroom flats were built for private rental. All flats had large balconies looking towards the then future Olympic site.

This attractive and distinctive building was one of the first new buildings in the regeneration of Stratford’s gritty town centre and set a standard for subsequent schemes.

We had previously worked on the conversion of the vacant 250,000 square foot Co-Op store on this site into a major high-tech, international communications facility. This attractive block of flats represented the last remining part of the site to be developed and led to the exciting development of Stratford’s Cultural Quarter.

The planners were delighted to see that Louis de Soissons took the first brave step in the regeneration of this area.


LOCATION: East London

CLIENT: Hawkstone Properties

DATE: 2010

SERVICE: Architecture

FLOOR AREA: 8 storeys of flats

COST: £5 million

Because of the constraints of this site we had to work closely with the local authorities to achieve a permission to develop a building that would allow the client to translate its investment in the project into returns that worked for their business.