Project Recovery / Distressed Asset

The practice has lived through numerous recessions in its 100 years. As a result, we have extensive experience in advising on distressed assets and most particularly recovery planning and implementation following insolvency and liquidation of companies both Employer and Contractors alike. Sadly, in more recent years the frequency of this type of work has again been on the rise.

The implications of interruption to a project can be significant and often felt before an Employer or Contractor actually go into administration; noticeable absence of labour, slipping quality standards and excessive focus on costs/ delays to payments of contractors/ subcontractors.

The combined skills of our architecture, project management and building consultancy teams place us well for this type of advice; including revisiting design intent and redesign or feasibility studies for new or changing objectives; detailed technical and defects analysis of work already undertaken and identifying matters to be rectified; contract advice on termination, new appointments and preservation of existing warranties; and the setting a recovery plan to resurrect the distressed project.